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Introduction to Web Design

The pattern of businesses has been changed with the help of internet.

The pattern of businesses has been changed with the help of internet. The internet has changed the world to a huge marketplace where users can buy things using their computers or mobile phones. With the help of this technology users can place an order and make a transaction anytime they want.

For example you can consider BMW vehicles, the world leaders in automobiles industry. The current operations of BMW are localised in regions within Europe and in some of the markets of Asia and the United States. But with globalisation in business, they also want to expand their market. To reach out they have different options; direct marketing and/or online marketing. It is always recommended to keep doing direct marketing. However, companies have to focus a lot using online marketing, as it helps you reach a larger mass of customers.

If any company needs to market online, it is very important for that company to develop a web site for their company with a few things in mind, develop a:

  • User friendly website
  • Responsive web design (mobile and table ready)
  • Consistency throughout the site
  • High standard designing as it shouldn’t look like you are going to close the business overnight
  • Call to action strategy which guides the users to do what you want them to do
  • High performance in loading the site
  • Ready for digital marketing