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Online shop checkout patterns

The checkout flow using a responsive design that starts from adding products

On the 11 February 2016, Vitaly Friedman is going to make a workshop about ecommerce checkout user interface patterns. This workshop will held at Avonmouth House in London between 9:00am to 5:00pm, the registration will start at 8:30am.
This workshop will focus on improving the checkout process of an ecommerce website design. Discussing improved registration forms’ design using different strategies and techniques. A number of case studies will be discussed with real data from projects with reasons that why these projects has been failed or became successful.

What the attendees will learn?

  • The checkout flow using a responsive design that starts from adding products to the shopping cart to filling the payment form.
  • Reducing common mistakes and errors and problems during login process.
  • Complete method of how to reduce shopping glitches by implementing user friendly checkout process.
  • Guidelines for medium and large ecommerce websites to deal with the non-logged in users checkout, search, autocomplete, filters, user navigation, coupons, delivery options, times and costs etc.
  • Discussing user friendly, tested and result oriented patterns using JavaScript libraries and HTML5.
  • Make the checkout process easy for the end users by giving hints at the right time.
  • Give examples of projects that have fast, better and innovative interfaces.
  • Design high performance forms.

Price: £299 + VAT (the price includes lunch and refreshments)
To book tickets for this workshop click here

About Vitaly Friedman:
He likes great content and he is a hard working person who doesn’t give up that easy. He studied in Germany in the field of computer science and mathematics. He specialises in writing, typography and design work. He has worked for 6 years as a web designer and developer and after that he found Smashing Magazine which is one of the most popular online magazines for web designing and development work. He has written all the Smashing Books. To date he is working as an editor-in-chief for Smashing Magazine in Germany.